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Good Quality High Temperature Mica Tape - Polyester Glass Fiber Tape – ONE WORLD Detail:

1. Product Introduction

The polyester glass fiber tape is a composite of glass fiber cloth and polyester film, after high temperature baking, drying, winding, and then cut into flame retardant tape material.
Due to the combination of a layer of polyester film, this tape has both the flexibility of polyester film and the high strength of glass fiber which is suitable for high speed wrapping during cabling.
For flame-retardant or fire-resistant cables, 2 ~ 3 layers of flame retardant tape are generally wrapped outside the cabling core as the flame retardant layer. This product is suitable for the wrapping of the cable core after the fire retardant cable and fire retardant cable, which not only keeps the cable roundness, but also has good flame retardant performance. When the cable is burned in a fire, the polyester fiber glass tape can prevent the flame spread of the cable to a certain extent, protect the insulation layer of the cable from burning, and ensure the normal operation of the cable within a certain period of time.
The polyester fiber glass tape not only has flame retardant properties, but also has good mechanical properties and soft texture, which make the cable core binding more firm and maintain the stability of the cable core structure. When use, it is non-toxic, tasteless, and pollution-free, does not affect the current carrying capacity of the cable during the operation of the cable which has good long-term stability, and is non-corrosive. During the production, the working condition will be greatly improved to protect the operator's health with no short glass fiber flying everywhere.
The polyester glass fiber tape we provide has the following characteristics:
1) Good softness and little burr;
2) High mechanical strength, easy to wrap and wrap tightly;
3) Good insulation and heat resistance;
4) Good corrosion resistance.

2. Application

It is suitable for all kinds of flame-retardant cables, fire-resistant cables into the cable core dressing

3. Technical Parameters

Nominal thickness (mm)


Tape weight (g/m2)


Content of polyester film (g/m2)


Content of glass fiber cloth (g/m2)


Resin content (g/m2)


Tensile strength (kg/15mm)


Note: The width and length of polyester fiber glass tape can be provided according to customers’ requirements.

4. Storage Method

1) The products should be kept in a clean,dry and ventilated warehouse,not piled up with imflammable goods,and not close to fire.
2) The product should avoid direct sunlight and rain.
3) The product should be packed in a complete way to avoid contamination.
4) The product should protect from heavy weight, falls and other mechanical damage during storage and transportation.

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