Spécification pour les bandes de blocage de l'eau d'emballage, de transport, de stockage, etc.

With the rapid development of modern communication technology, the application field of wire and cable is expanding, and the application environment is more complex and changeable, which puts forward higher requirements for the quality of wire and cable materials. Water blocking tape is currently a commonly used water-blocking material in the wire and cable industry. Its sealing, waterproofing, moisture-blocking and buffering protection functions in the cable make the cable better adapt to the complex and changeable application environment.

The water-absorbing material of the water blocking tape expands rapidly when it encounters water, forming a large-volume jelly, which fills the water seepage channel of the cable, thereby preventing the continuous infiltration and diffusion of water and achieving the purpose of blocking water.

Like the water blocking yarn, the bande de blocage de l'eau must withstand various environmental conditions during cable manufacturing, testing, transportation, storage and use. Therefore, from the perspective of cable use, the following requirements are put forward for the bande de blocage de l'eau.

1) The fiber distribution is uniform, the composite material has no delamination and powder loss, and has a certain mechanical strength, which is suitable for the needs of cabling.

2) Good repeatability, stable quality, no delamination and no dust generation during cabling.

3) High swelling pressure, fast swelling speed and good gel stability.

4) Good thermal stability, suitable for various subsequent processing.

5) It has high chemical stability, does not contain any corrosive components, and is resistant to bacteria and mold.

6) Good compatibility with other materials of the cable.

Water blocking tape can be divided according to its structure, quality and thickness. Here we divide it into single-sided bande de blocage de l'eau, double-sided bande de blocage de l'eau, film laminated double-sided bande de blocage de l'eau, and film laminated single-sided bande de blocage de l'eau. In the process of cable production, different types of cables have different requirements for the categories and technical parameters of the bande de blocage de l'eau, but there are some general specifications, which UN SEUL MONDE. will introduce to you today.

  1. Joint

The bande de blocage de l'eau with a length of 500m and below shall have no joint, and one joint is allowed when it is greater than 500m. The thickness at the joint shall not exceed 1.5 times of the original thickness, and the breaking strength shall not be less than 80% of the original index. The adhesive tape used in the joint should be consistent with the performance of the bande de blocage de l'eau base material, and should be clearly marked.

  • Package

Water blocking tape should be packaged in pad, each pad is packaged in a plastic bag, several pads are packed in large plastic bags, and then packed in cartons with a suitable diameter for the bande de blocage de l'eau, and the product quality certificate should be inside the packaging box.

  • Marking

Each pad