Commande de câble FTTH

We have just delivered two 40ft containers of FTTH cable to our customer who just start cooperate with us this year and has already ordered nearly 10 times.

ftth cable 2

The customer send us the technical data sheet of their FTTH cable, also they want to design the box for the cable with their logo, we have send our technical data sheet for our customer to check, after that we contact the box manufacturers to see if they can produce the same box as our customer require, then we received the order.

During the production, the customer asked us to send the sample of the cable to check and he was not satisfied with the marking on the cable, we suspend the production and adjust the marking on the cable several times to meet our customer?s requirement, and finally the customer agreed on the adjusted marking and we recover the production and catch up with the produce plan.

ftth cable

Provide high-quality, cost-effective wire and cable materials to help customers save costs while improving product quality. Win-win cooperation has always been the purpose of our company. ONE WORLD is gladly to be a global partner in providing high performance materials for the wire and cable industry. We have a lot of experience in developing together with cable companies all over the world.