2020 china new design silane crosslinkable polyethylene compounds pyjj 35 semi conductive crosslinkable insulation screen for xlpe cable up to 35kv one world 3 product

Silane-crosslinkable polyethylene compounds are used as semi-conductive crosslinkable insulation screens for XLPE cables up to 35kV. These compounds are designed to provide high electrical conductivity and excellent processability during extrusion. The crosslinking process occurs through the reaction of a silane functional group in the polymer with moisture in the air or added water, resulting in improved thermal and mechanical properties.

The semi-conductive layer helps to control the electric field in the cable and prevent electrical stress concentration at the interface between the insulation and the conductor. This improves the overall performance and reliability of the cable.

PYJJ-35 is a type of silane-crosslinkable polyethylene compound used for semi-conductive crosslinkable insulation screens. It has a nominal voltage rating of 35kV and is suitable for use in medium voltage power cables.


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