2020 china new design phosphatized steel wire for optical fiber cable reinforcement heat shrinkable cable end cap one world 3 product

Phosphatized steel wire is a type of steel wire that has been treated with a phosphate coating to improve its corrosion resistance and adhesion properties. This type of wire is commonly used as a reinforcement material in optical fiber cables due to its high tensile strength and good flexibility.

When used in heat shrinkable cables, phosphatized steel wire provides additional strength and support to the cable, helping to prevent damage or breakage due to thermal expansion and contraction.

Additionally, the corrosion resistance of the phosphatized coating helps to protect the wire from environmental factors that could cause it to degrade over time.

Overall, phosphatized steel wire is a durable and reliable material for use in optical fiber cable reinforcement, particularly in heat shrinkable cable applications where thermal stresses can be a concern.

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