Fiber reinforced plastic product

Glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) rods is a high performance composite material made of glass fibre as reinforcement and resin as base material, which is cured and pultruded at a specific temperature. Because of its very high tensile strength and elastic modulus, it is widely used as a reinforcement in ADSS optical fiber cable, FTTH butterfly optical fiber cable and various layer-stranded outdoor optical fiber cable.

fiber reinforced plastic

The use of GFRP as a reinforcement for optical fiber cable has the following advantages:

1) GFRP is all dielectric, which can avoid lightning strikes and strong electromagnetic field interference.

2) Compared with metal reinforcement, GFRP is compatible with other materials of optical fiber cable and will not produce harmful gas due to corrosion, which will lead to hydrogen loss and affect the transmission performance of optical fiber cable.

3) GFRP has the characteristics of high tensile strength and light weight, which can reduce the weight of optical cable and facilitate the manufacture, transportation and laying of optical cable.

Owcable GFRP fiber reinforced plastic cable is with high quality and good price.



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