Copper-clad Aluminum Wire (CCA)

Copper-clad Aluminum Wire (CCA)

Copper-clad Aluminum Wire (CCA) combines the conductivity of copper with the lightness and softness properties of aluminum. Perfect for coaxial cables, motors, transformers, and more. Various specifications available.

CONTAINER LOADING 18t / 20GP, 25t / 40GP
PORT OF LOADING Shanghai, China
HS CODE 8544492900
STORAGE 6 months

Product Introduction

Copper-clad aluminum wire (CCA) is a bimetallic wire with aluminum as the core and a copper layer on the outside. This allows the characteristics of two metals to be used in one wire, with the excellent conductivity, easy solder ability of copper and the light, soft characteristics of aluminum. It is widely used in coaxial cable inner conductor, coaxial cable braid layer, winding of motor and transformer, base material of enameled wire, etc.

We can provide copper-clad aluminum wire produced by both electroplating method and cladding method.

The electroplating method uses the principle of electrode-position to coat the surface of the aluminum wire with a copper layer in a solution of a copper salt. The electroplated wire blanks are then drawn and heat treated to become copper-clad aluminum wire of varies specifications and properties.

The cladding method is to pretreat the aluminum wire and the copper strip separately, and coat the copper strip on the surface of the aluminum wire by argon-arc welding method, then by drawing to make the surface of copper and aluminum wire can be well combined, so as to get the copper-clad aluminum wire with required specifications and performance.

Compared with pure copper/ aluminum wire, copper-clad aluminum wire has the following advantages:
1) The density of copper-clad aluminum wire is 37% to 40% of pure copper, that is, under the same conditions, the length of copper-clad aluminum wire is 2.5 to 2.7 times that of pure copper wire, which can greatly reduce the cost of the cable.
2) Due to its light weight and small arc sag, it is more suitable for the production process of physical foamed high-frequency cable, which can ensure the concentricity of the insulation.
3) Due to its light weight, it is easy to be transported and installed, it can also reduce laying costs.
4) Copper-clad aluminum wire is better than pure copper wire in softness and bending performance. It can reduce the cable impedance change caused by the small bending radius.
5) Copper-clad aluminum wire has better conductivity than pure aluminum wire. Because high-frequency signals have the characteristics of “skin effect”, copper-clad aluminum wire has the same conductivity as pure copper wire when transmitting high-frequency signals.
6) When the CATV coaxial cable uses aluminum tubes as outer conductors, the thermal expansion and elastic modulus of the copper-clad aluminum wire and the aluminum tubes are closely, thus improving the stability and reliability of the cable.

We can provide copper-clad aluminum wire of various specifications, soft and hard state, with different copper volume ratios and conductivity to meet the requirements of ASTM B566 and other standards.


Mainly used as inner conductor, braided layer of coaxial cable, windings of motors and transformers, base material of enameled wire, etc.

Copper-clad Aluminum Wire (CCA)

Technical Parameters




Technical Parameters


10H 10A 15H 15A
Wire diameter range(mm) 0.15~8.0 0.15~8.0 0.08~8.0 0.08~8.0 0.10~6.0
Tensile strength(MPa) ≥152 110~172 ≥152 110~172 ≥90
Breaking Elongation(%) ≥1.0 ≥10 ≥1.0 ≥10 ≥10
20℃ Volume resistivity
≤0.0268 ≤0.0268 ≤0.0260 ≤0.0260 ≤0.0278
Conductivity(%) ≥64.3 ≥64.3 ≥66.3 ≥66.3 ≥62.0


The copper-clad aluminium wire is packaged in pad.


1)The product should be stored in a clean,dry(humidity should be no more than 65%) and ventilated , rain-proof, water-proof, no acid or alkaline substances and harmful gas warehouse.
2)The product should not be stacked together with flammable products and should not be close to fire sources.
3)The product should be packed completely to avoid moisture and pollution.

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