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Product Introduction

Semi-conductive water blocking tape (or water block tape) is a modern high-tech water-blocking material with semi-conductive water-absorbing and expansion function (swelling tape), which is composed of semi-conductive polyester fiber non-woven fabric and high-speed expansion water-absorbing resin.

Among them, the semi-conductive base layer is manufactured by evenly distributing the semi-conductive compound on the base cloth that is relatively flat, has strong temperature resistance and high strength; the semi-conductive water-blocking material uses powdery polymer water-absorbing material and conductive carbon black. The water-absorbing material is attached to the base fabric by padding or coating.

The semi-conductive water blocking tape has the function of water-absorbing and expansion and improving the electric field distribution in the cable, and is widely used in power cables of various voltage levels.

We can provide single-sided/double-sided semi-conductive water blocking tape. The single-sided semi-conductive water block tape is composed of a single layer of semi-conductive polyester fiber non-woven fabric and high-speed expansion water-absorbing resin; the double-sided semi-conductive water blocking tape is composed of semi-conductive polyester fiber non-woven fabric, high-speed expansion water-absorbing resin and semi-conductive polyester fiber non-woven fabric in turn. The single-sided semi-conductive water block tape has better water blocking performance because it has no base cloth to block.

The semi-conductive water blocking tape we provided has the following characteristics:
1) The surface is flat, without wrinkles.
2) The fiber is evenly distributed, the water blocking powder and the base tape are firmly bonded, without delamination and powder removal.
3) High mechanical strength, easy for wrapping and longitudinal wrapping processing.
4) Strong hygroscopicity, high expansion height, fast expansion rate, and good gel stability.
5) Small surface resistance and volume resistivity, which can effectively weaken the electric field strength
6) Good heat resistance, high instantaneous temperature resistance, cable can maintain stable performance under instantaneous high temperature.
7) High chemical stability, no corrosive components, resistant to bacterial and fungal erosion.


Mainly used in power cables of various voltage levels to block water and improve electric field distribution.




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