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Brief Introduction of GFRP Application

The traditional optical cables adopt metal reinforced elements. As non-mental reinforced elements, GFRP are more and more applied into all kinds of optical cables for their advantages of light weight, high strength, erosion resistance, long life usage period. GFRP overcomes the defects which exist in traditional metal reinforced elements and has the characteristics of anti-erosion, …

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Introduction of Tape Material for Wire and Cable

1. Water blocking tape Water blocking tape acts as insulation, filling, waterproofing and sealing. Water blocking tape has high adhesion and excellent waterproof sealing performance, and also has chemical corrosion resistance such as alkali, acid and salt. The water blocking tape is soft and cannot be used alone, and other tapes are required outside for …

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Production Process Comparison of Water Blocking Yarn and Water Blocking Rope

Usually, the optical cable and the cable are laid in a damp and dark environment. If the cable is damaged, the moisture will enter the cable along the damaged point and affect the cable. Water can change the capacitance in copper cables, reducing signal strength. It will cause excessive pressure on the optical components in …

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Introduction to Cable Shielding Materials

An important role of the data cable is to transmit data signals. But when we actually use it, there may be all kinds of messy interference information. Let’s think about if these interfering signals enter the inner conductor of the data cable and are superimposed on the originally transmitted sig…

What Is PBT? Where Will It Be Used?

PBT is the abbreviation of Polybutylene terephthalate. It is classified in the polyester series. It is composed of 1.4-Butylene glycol and terephthalic acid (TPA) or terephthalate (DMT). It is a milky translucent to opaque, crystalline thermoplastic polyester resin made through a compounding proc…

Brief Introduction of GFRP

GFRP is an important component of the optical cable. It is generally placed in the center of the optical cable. Its function is to support the optical fiber unit or optical fiber bundle and improve the tensile strength of the optical cable. Traditional optical cables use metal reinforcements. As …


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