The Shipping of Tin-coated Copper Stranded Wire

This month, One world cable material sent another batch of tinned copper stranded wire to Algeria.
Tin-coated copper stranded wire is mainly used for rubber insulated mining cables, soft wires, soft cables and Marine cables as conductive wire core, and used as the cable’s outer shield braiding layer and brush line
The tinned copper stranded wire is coated with a thin layer on the surface of the bare copper stranded wire to prevent the oxidation of the copper wire.
We produce the tinned copper wire as annealed, soft tin-plated copper conductor
flexible circular annealed tinned copper stranded wire
Besides,we also have a very big rigorous quality control for our tinned copper stranded wire. During production we have very professional worker with ten more years experience for checking, and we will test each wires on our bobbin.
Finally our engineer will be inspect each test report according to our client demand.With our professional wort team,our finished wire surface must be smooth and free of any roughness, burr or inclusions. So our client is very satisfied with the quality of our wire.

The advantage of our tinned copper stranded wire is not only to improve its solder ability, but also the tinned copper stranded copper wire is tinned to prevent the insulation rubber from sticking and the wire core from becoming black and brittle.
The follows details is the picture and test report of our tinned copper stranded wire:
SJ/11223-2000?GB/T 3048.2-2007?GB/T4909.2-2009?GB/T4909.3-2009

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