Galvanized Steel Tape for Cable Armoring were delivered to Saudi Arabia

Our customer sent us an inquiry about sizes(T*W) 0.2*20mm,0.2*25mm and 0.2*30mm Galvanized steel tapes.However,the galvanized steel tape he required with
high zinc coating 100g/m2. It needs to be customized as normal zinc coating is 40g/m2 in the market.Luckily,we could provide OEM service and with lower moq 2.5 tons each size (Normal moq is 25tons). Except zinc coating, the main information such as tensile strength, elongation at break, inner diameter we could also meet customer?s requirements. So the customer placed the order quickly after one week discussion. We really thanks for customer?s trust and support.


Inspecting the galvanized steel tapes


Packing the galvanized steel tapes


Galvanized steel tapes

The galvanized steel tape for armoring is mainly used for the armored protective layer of power cables, control cables, and marine cables. The steel tape armoring layer used in the cable can increase the radial compressive strength of the cable and prevent mice from biting. Moreover, the galvanized steel tape armoring layer has high magnetic permeability, has good magnetic shielding effect, and can resist low-frequency interference. And the armored cable can be directly buried and laid without being piped, which has good performance with lower costs. The application of galvanized steel tape for armoring has the function of protecting the cable, extending the service life of the cable and improving the transmission performance of the cable.

The galvanized steel tape for armoring we provided has the following characteristics:
1) The thickness of the zinc layer is uniform, continuous integrity, strong adhesion, and does not fall off;
2) It has excellent mechanical properties, which is suitable for high-speed wrapping.
**Below is the test report parameters**

CommodityGalvanized steel tape
NoغرضUnitStandard valueTest value
1Appearance*Visual ObservationThe surface of the tape is smooth and continuous, free of injurious scale, flaws, seams, splits and others imperfection.
2Thicknessmm0.2 +0/-0.020.2