Deliver of the 6.3 Tons Mica Tape by Air

With the development of the wire & cables, some special usage have a strict requirements to the performance of the cables. The mica tape is widely used for the fire-resistance cables because of its special characteristic. The mica tape has many types for different requirements, the order of mica tape from our old customers in Algeria is single-sided fiber cloth synthetic mica tape. Compared with phlogopite mica tape, the synthetic mica tape has a better fire resistance performance (Class A grade).

Our single-sided fiber cloth synthetic mica tape is made of fluorophlogopite as the main material, and is reinforced with single-sided glass fiber cloth, bonded with high-temperature resistant silicone resin, baked, dried, and wound at high temperature, and then slit refractory tape-shaped material. Our single-sided fiber cloth synthetic mica tape has the following characteristics:
1) The bonding between the fiber cloth and the mica paper is even, the mica tape has a smooth surface, with no impurities, no bubbles, no breaks, no wrinkles;
2) It has excellent insulation at high temperatures, strong fire resistance, and can meet the requirements of Class A fire resistance. It can ensure that the cable does not breakdown within 90 minutes in a flame at a temperature of (950?1000) ? and a power frequency voltage of 1kV;
3) It has good acid and alkali resistance, corona resistance, radiation resistance;
4) The product composition doesn?t contain fluorine and asbestos, and has low smoke density during combustion;
5) The finished product is dry and non-adhesive;
6) It has good flexibility, soft, high tensile strength, suitable for high-speed wrapping and tight wrapping. After wrapping, the surface of the insulated wire core is smooth without delamination

Details of the technical parameter of regular specifications are as below:

Nominal Thickness (mm)Mica content (%)قوة الشد (N / 10mm)Volume resistance (?