Application of Glass Fiber Yarn in Fiber Optic Cable

Abstract: The advantages of fiber optic cable make its use in the field of communication is constantly being broadened, in order to adapt to different environments, the corresponding reinforcement is usually added in the design process of fiber optic cable to meet different needs. This paper mainly introduces the advantages of glass fiber yarn (i.e. glass fiber yarn) as fiber optic cable reinforcement, and briefly introduces the structure and performance of fiber optic cable reinforced with glass fiber yarn, and briefly analyzes the difficulties in the use of glass fiber yarn.

Keywords: reinforcement, glass fiber yarn

1.Background description

The birth and development of fiber optic communication is an important revolution in the history of telecommunications, fiber optic communication has changed the traditional way of communication, making it possible to communicate at high speed and high capacity without any kind of magnetic interference. With the continuous development of fiber optic cable and communication technology, fiber optic communication technology has also been greatly improved, fiber optic cable with every advantage makes it in the field of communication the use of the scope is constantly being broadened, at present, fiber optic cable with a rapid development rate and a wide range of applications have entered the various areas of wired communication has become the main communication mode of modern communication, the impact on social life more and more profound.

2.The application of the most and types of reinforcements

In order to adapt to different environments, the corresponding reinforcement is usually added in the cable design process or the cable structure is changed to meet different needs. Fiber optic cable reinforcement can be divided into metal reinforcement and non-metallic reinforcement, the main metal reinforcement parts are different sizes of steel wire, aluminum tape, etc., non-metallic reinforcement parts are mainly FRP, KFRP, water resistance tape, aramid, tie yarn, glass fiber yarn, etc.. Due to the high hardness and strength of metal reinforcement, it is mainly used in the construction and use environment with high requirements for axial tension, such as outdoor overhead laying and pipelines, direct burial and other occasions. Non-metallic reinforcing parts Due to the wide variety, the role played by different. Since the non-metallic reinforcement is relatively soft and the tensile strength is smaller than that of metal reinforcement, it can be used indoors, in buildings, between floors, or attached to metal reinforced fiber optic cables when there is a special need. For some special environments, such as the rodent-prone environment mentioned above, special reinforcements are needed to meet not only the axial and lateral stresses required, but also additional features, such as resistance to gnawing. This paper introduces the application of fiberglass yarn as a reinforcement in the RF pull-out cable, pipe butterfly cable and rodent-proof cable.

3. Glass fiber yarn and its advantages

Glass fiber is a new type of engineering materials, with non-combustible, corrosion-resistant candle, high temperature, moisture absorption, elongation and other excellent properties, in electrical, mechanical, chemical and optical properties, so there are widely used in various industries. Glass fiber yarn can be divided into two types: twist-free yarn and twisted yarn, which is generally used for fiber optic cable manufacturing.

Glass fiber yarn as a fiber optic cable reinforcement, has the following advantages:
(1) in the tensile strength requirements of the occasion instead of aramid, constitute the fiber optic cable tensile elements, economic and feasible. Aramid is a new high-tech synthetic fiber, with the advantages of ultra-high strength, high modulus and high temperature resistance. The price of aramid has been high, which in turn also directly affects the cost of fiber optic cable. Fiberglass yarn is approximately 1/20 of aramid in price, and the other performance indicators are not very different compared with aramid, so fiberglass yarn can be used as a substitute for aramid, and the economy is better. The performance comparison between aramid and fiberglass yarn is shown in the table below.

Table Comparison of the performance of aramid and glass fiber yarn

(2) Fiberglass yarn is non-toxic and harmless, non-flammable, corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant, low elongation, chemically stable, and meets the performance requirements of optical cable such as RoHS. The glass fiber yarn also has better wear and corrosion resistance, heat preservation and insulation properties. It ensures that the fiber optic cable can work normally in high or low temperature, and it can adapt to more severe environments. Insulation properties make the fiber optic cable from lightning strikes or other electromagnetic interference, can be widely used in full dielectric fiber optic cable.

(3) Glass fiber yarn filled fiber optic cable can make the cable structure compact and increase the cable tensile and compressive strength.

(4) water-blocking glass fiber yarn is one of the best ways to block water in fiber optic cable. The water-blocking effect of water-blocking glass fiber yarn is better than that of water-blocking aramid, which has an absorption swelling rate of 160%, while the water-blocking glass fiber yarn has an absorption swelling rate of 200%. If the amount of glass fiber yarn is increased, the water-blocking effect will be even more outstanding. It is a dry water-blocking structure, and there is no need to wipe oil paste during the jointing process, which is more convenient for construction and more in line with environmental requirements.

(5) Fiberglass yarn as the reinforcement structure of fiber optic cable has good flexibility, which can eliminate the disadvantages of fiber optic cable that is too stiff and not easy to bend due to the reinforcement, which provides convenience for all aspects of production and installation. It has little effect on the bending performance of fiber optic cable, and the bending radius can be up to 10 times the outside diameter of the cable, which is more suitable for complex laying environment.

(6) The density of glass fiber yarn is 2.5g/cm3, the fiber optic cable with glass fiber yarn as reinforcement is light in weight, reducing transportation costs.

(7) Glass fiber yarn also has good anti-rodent performance. In many fields and mountainous areas in China, the vegetation is suitable for rodents to survive, and the unique odor contained in the plastic sheath of fiber optic cable is easy to attract rodents to gnaw, so the communication cable line often suffers from rodent bite in some occasions and affects the quality of communication, and in serious cases, it can even lead to the termination of the trunk line communication network and cause significant losses to society. The advantages and disadvantages of conventional rodent-proofing methods and glass fiber yarn rodent-proofing are compared in the following table.

6. Conclusion
In summary, glass fiber yarn not only has excellent performance, but also low price, which is bound to become an increasingly widely used fiber optic cable reinforcement, reduce the production cost of fiber optic cable manufacturers, and better meet the different needs of domestic and foreign customers.



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