Safe Production

ONE WORLD factories take strict epidemic prevention measures every day. Staff need to wear protective equipment such as masks and goggles, register outsiders, and disinfect the factory area every day to ensure safe production.


Check The Order

If some or all of the contractual obligations cannot be fulfilled due to the sudden outbreak, we will take the initiative to send a written notice to the customer to terminate or postpone the performance of the contract, let the customer know the order as soon as possible, and cooperate with the customer to complete the continuation or interruption of the order.


Prepare Alternatives

We closely monitor operations at ports, airports and other key delivery locations. In the event of a temporary shutdown due to the epidemic, ONE WORLD’s innovative supply system will promptly change logistics methods, ports, and rational planning to avoid losses to buyers to the greatest extent possible.

During the COVID-19 period, Lint Top’s timely service has been well received by overseas customers. ONE WORLD thinks about what customers think, is anxious about what customers are worried about, and solves problems for customers. Work with the ONE WORLD team and you’ll have peace of mind.

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