800kgs Non-woven Fabric Tape were Delivered to Brazil

ONE WORLD is so glad to share with you that we just delivered 800kgs non-woven fabric tape for our customer in Brazil. We had sent sample according to customer’s request in the beginning, they were satisfied with the quality and the price is reasonable. So our customer placed a trial order for their factory. Through this small order, we also want to express our thanks for their trust and we believe that we will have more cooperation in the future.


(Deliver the non-woven fabric tape)

Product Introduction
The non-woven fabric tape is made of synthetic fibers as the raw material, in which the fiber webs of synthetic fibers are bonded and reinforced, then into non-woven fabric tape.
The non-woven fabric tape is widely used in the wire and cable industry. It can be used as the isolation layer, cushion layer and thermal protective layer for medium and low voltage power cables, rubber cables, control cables, communication cables and other types of cables and communication optical cables. During the cable processing, it can help to fix the cable core and ensure the separation within the extruded layers. It can also increase the mechanical strength and flexibility of optical cables and power cables.
The polyester thin non-woven fabric tape we provide is a ribbon-shaped material made of high-temperature resistant polyester fiber, which is impregnated, bonded, dried, and pressed. The fiber is fully combed and bonded, and then slit.

The non-woven fabric tapes we provided have the following characteristics:
1) The surface is flat, without wrinkles, notches, flashes, holes and other defects;
2) Good uniformity, no delamination;
3) Light weight, thin thickness and good flexibility;
4) High mechanical strength, easy for wrapping and longitudinal wrapping processing;
5) Good heat resistance, high instant temperature resistance, and the cable can maintain stable performance at instant high temperatures;
6) High chemical stability, no corrosive components, resistant to bacteria and mold erosion.

Technical Parameters

PropertyUnitTechnical requirementTest result
Widthmm 15±0.520±0.530±0.540±0.5 15203040
Tensile strengthN/cm≥2532
Breaking elongation%≥1212
Gram weightg/m230±533
Inner diametermm7676
Outer diametermm300-360305

Storage Method
1) The product should be stored in a clean, hygienic, dry, and ventilated warehouse. It should not be stacked with flammable products and strong oxidants, and should not be near the fire source;
2) The product should avoid direct sunlight and rain;
3) The product should be packaged intact, avoid damp and contamination;
4) The product should be protected from heavy pressure, beating and other mechanical damage during storage and transportation



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