2*20GP of Aluminum Tape with EAA Coating

It is a pleasure to share with you that we have successfully shipped 20ft containers, which is a long-term and stable order from our regular Ameircan customer. Since our price and quality are very satisfying to their requirements, the customer has been cooperating with us for more than 3 years.

Aluminum Tape

We have many years of export experience and our packaging is fully compliant with the packaging requirements for long-distance shipping.
And we have a perfect service process, from the inquiry to the customer receiving the goods, and the subsequent installation and use of the product, we will closely follow up, if the product encounters any problems, we are ready to give maximum help. This is the reason why we have received more “loyal fans”.

Aluminum Tape1

We have three factories. The first is focused on tapes, including water blocking tapes, mica tapes, polyester tapes, etc. The second is mainly engaged in the production of copolymer coated aluminum tapes, aluminum foil Mylar tape, copper foil Mylar tape, etc. The third one is mainly produce optical fiber cable materials, including polyester binding yarn, FRP, etc. We also have invested in optical fiber, aramid yarn plants to enlarge our supply scope, which can also give customers more convince to get all materials from us with lower cost and efforts.



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